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Event photography is an immensely popular addition to any function or event and best of all

Costs you nothing!

You can add a further dimension to your event, be it a black tie ball, school prom, corporate day or indeed any function without it costing the organisers a penny, and guests go home with an added memento of their experience


On the day of a typical social event we will:

  • Set up our fully equipped digital studio
  • Photograph guests
  • Guests can view their photos and purchase any that they like
  • Photos are printed and mounted within a minute

  • We arrive approximately an hour before the event is due to start. We set up our portable studio with backdrop and flash lighting and also our mini-lab. This is done with minimal fuss and disruption.

    We provide an unobtrusive, professional service, blending into the background of your event. Guests can be photographed as they enter the venue and at any time during the course of the event. Once we've taken a number of photos the guests are invited to review at our display monitors

    If they wish to make a purchase we will immediately print the photo and mount it. The process is complete within a minute and produces stunning photos of the same quality and type as a commercial photographic laboratory. Guests go home with their photos as a permanent reminder of the event.

    We will usually stay until the end of the event, after which all photos are uploaded to our web site within 48 hours.

    The photos can then be viewed (subject to password protection if appropriate), selected and purchased in a variety of different sizes and formats directly from the web site.

    There is no obligation to purchase any photograph at any time.

    If you are organising or host a Charity or Non Profit making event talk to Vermont Images about our PROFIT SHARING SCHEME.